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And Goliath publishing update

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Today's book publishing world is quite challenging. In the old days, writers had one choice, and that was to write a manuscript then query literary agents via US mail then wait for a response. If an agent was interested, he or she would agree to represent the author and try to get a publisher to print and market the book. It was a long and tedious process.

Today the process is no less tedious, but there are more options. The challenge is that there are many more people writing books! An agent is now only necessary if you plan on trying to get one of the giant publishers to print your book. Luckily some smaller publishers accept manuscripts without having an agent, and there are several different self-publishing options. The team working on, And Goliath (originally titled The Littlest SEAL) is exploring all options, and we hope to have more definitive publishing news soon so stay tuned.

The manuscript is complete, and the story is amazing. I am confident the reader will enjoy and relate to my message. Failure is a perception; success is yours if you choose, and confidence comes from knowing we are all born with abilities. Understand your weaknesses, but focus on your strengths, never quit, and strive to live up to your potential daily. Success awaits at the end of each day knowing you've given your all.


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