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And Goliath

Always the shortest, always the smallest boy in class, Brownie as he would become known, never thought short meant less. In spite of other boys and girls towering over him as in this 3rd grade photo you can see the confidence in his eyes.


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Summary of And Goliath

And Goliath is an inspirational memoir of a very ordinary 5-foot-3 young man whose determination and perseverance allowed him to overcome impossible physical odds and social barriers to become a Navy SEAL and Special Agent. But the real story beyond his achievements is his journey and ultimate transformation.


This highly relatable coming-of-age story chronicles David Brown's SEAL adventures and misadventures and explores defining life moments before and after his military service. It reveals how anyone can become more aware of the people, places, genetics, and, most importantly, choices that ultimately define who we are and what we achieve.


Growing up in Pennsylvania coal country, David Brown was bullied, mocked, and targeted for being little. Rejecting the taunts and abuse, he yearned for adventure, believing he was destined to succeed. And Goliath is his insightful, humorous, and sometimes heartbreaking account of fulfilling his dream and gaining self-realization.


Known to be imposing and larger than life, U.S. Navy SEALs are elite among fighting forces around the globe. At 5-foot-3 and 110 pounds, David Brown was given zero percent chance of becoming a SEAL, yet he overcame and conducted SEAL missions on four continents. But he wasn’t done. Moving to a higher calling, he became a federal Special Agent working criminal cases that garnered national attention.   


David propelled himself on a one-of-a-kind journey from obscurity to the pinnacle of military and federal service. While larger and stronger men failed and quit, David graduated BUD/S class 115 and served with Underwater Demolition Team 21 and SEAL Team 4. Then, he served in a federal law enforcement role, becoming a Special Agent in Charge.


This dramatic underdog story explores whether nature or nurture enabled a boy pegged as “too little” to succeed. Ultimately, David realizes his journey isn't about achieving SEAL status or reaching the highest level of government but living a purposeful life.


December 2, 1978 Lake Wallenpaupack, PA 32 degrees with snow flurries. The 5'2" 98 pound high school senior Brownie  is second from left.

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